Eco-Friendly Pine Straw for Landscaping

Pine straw is a sustainable substitute for mulch, and our pine straw is an excellent option. These 100% natural pine needles come straight from pine trees and make a great groundcover. Read more to learn more about the advantages of using our pine straw in your landscape.

The Perks of Using Pine Straw for Landscaping

  • Landscaping – Pine straw or pine needles are ideal for native plantings and work well on sloped terrain.
  • Durability – Pine straw decomposes slowly so it doesn’t need frequent reapplication like some mulches. It stays put instead of floating away.
  • Lightweight – Pine straw is extremely light, making it easy to carry and distribute. A bale covers approximately 20 to 25 square feet..
  • Eco-Friendly – Pine straw is a sustainable choice since harvesting trees is not required.
  • Affordable – Measured by volume, pine straw is very cost effective compared to most mulches.
  • Soil Enhancement Benefits – Pine straw allows air circulation and water absorption without compacting the soil.
  • Enhancing Plant Vigor – Pine straw inhibit weed growth and enrich soil with nutrients and organic matter.
  • Erosion Control – Pine straw stays in place instead of washing away, making it ideal for slopes, paths and areas where grass is sparse.
  • Pest Resistant – Pine straw doesn’t attract termites.
  • Simple Application – Just scatter pine straw by hand – no special tools needed!
Pine Straw Products are available in pine straw needle bales. They are eco-friendly.
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