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Ray Baumbach and his wife, Teresa, owners of Mulch and More Landscaping Supplies

Meet Ray Baumbach

Ray Baumbach and his wife, Teresa Baumbach established Mulch and More Landscaping Supplies in 2000 as a family-owned business dedicated to serving Winter Haven in Polk County and surrounding areas. With over two decades of experience, Ray has cultivated a reputation for offering top-notch materials, exceptional customer service, and fair prices.

His profound understanding and passion for quality landscaping are evident in his hands-on approach to educating customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Ray takes pride in getting to know each customer and providing tailored solutions that meet their needs.

Ray’s integrity and involvement in the community have earned him recognition as a trusted figure in Winter Haven. He actively supports fundraising events as a sponsor, demonstrating his commitment to charitable causes and ethical business practices.

When he finds time away from work, Ray indulges in cooking, hosting guests, and pursuing deep-sea fishing adventures—embracing the Florida lifestyle that ignited his love for landscaping.

Mulch and More continues to do well thanks to Ray’s dedication and commitment to upholding principle-based business standards. The pillars of Mulch & More’s success can be attributed to Ray’s customer/vendor care and knowledge of landscape products. These leadership qualities make him a respected authority within the industry and community.

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